Learn Art

Learn Art Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Art

Learn Art will teach you how to use a truly limited palette, using just your 3 primary colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) plus white.

By learning to paint with this limited palette, all your colors will harmonize.

When starting to learn art, many beginners feel they need to buy a large range of colors, even though many of these they will never be used.

Learn Art

Learn Art - A new course by Jill Ibrom launching summer 2013

Learn Art will teach you how to paint a beautiful picture with just your 3 primaries.

When I was young my mother was left a widow with 4 young children so she couldn’t afford to buy lots of paints for me, so she used to buy me the 3 primaries. This made me practice mixing my colors and it turned out to be my strength as I learnt how to mix all the colors and darks I needed. I have never used black as black is a dead color and kills the painting.

All my colors sit happily together and don’t jar the eye.

When you decide to learn art, your life will change as well as how you see things. You will become more observant and start to notice things you pass every day. It’s like having a new pair of eyes.

Anyone can learn art and learn to paint if they want to, if they know the rules. Nothing should stop you. The learning process is part of the pleasure of art.

Learning art can give you immense satisfaction all through your life and introduce you to many new ideas and amazing people of like minds.

Learn Art will teach you everything you need to know with its forthcoming art course. You will learn the different aspects of art and many ways of making beautiful paintings. Being creative can enrich your life as especially when others admire your work of art, it will give you a wonderful feeling of pride.

Learn Art – Watercolor

Watercolour is a beautiful medium with its soft tone, and many people take up painting in it before trying other mediums. Watercolor however, can be one of the most difficult mediums for the beginner. I would say if possible, try to experiment with different mediums to find the one you feel happiest with. My course will show you many different mediums available.

Learn Art – Oil Painting

The rich and vibrant colours of oil paintings endure for hundreds of years, but oil painting is not the exclusive domain of the Old Masters. Learn Art will teach you the tips and tricks handed down through generations and show you how you too can paint like a renaissance master, impressionist or any other artistic style you choose.

Learn Art – ACRYLIC

Many techniques you will learn can be applied when using different art mediums and acrylic painting is no exception. Learn Art will show you how to excel with this modern medium that crosses the boundaries between Watercolor and Oil painting.

Once you take up art you will soon find how important it is to be given ideas and inspiration as well as guidance. You can never stop learning and finding new techniques in art. It’s a very exciting pastime and people from all walks of life find it has given them many years of enjoyment and fulfillment.

We all have to start somewhere so don’t tell yourself you can not paint, you will be amazed at what you will achieve with my course at Learn Art.

Jill Ibrom has many paintings in the UK National Collection as listed by the Public Catalogue Foundation and featured on the BBC website. Jill will be launching her new art course summer 2013, which will teach her amazing techniques to anyone who has ever had an interest in the visual arts or wanted to learn art.